The Technology Enabled Home: Applications and Bandwidth

I found myself building list of the applications that we would expect to be running in our rural senior housing sites, for both residents (The Technology Enabled Home) and the housing and health-care staff that are onsite. This should give us some ball-park ideas of what we might want for bandwidth to the building, and what we would expect to deliver to each apartment.

Infrastructure for Rural Housing Sites:
* Symmetrical bandwidth
* Office internet service for VoIP, Internet ,Videoconferencing for up to two simultaneous employees
* A minimum of two fixed IP addresses for the location.
* Wireless internet service in resident common areas
* Individual wired resident internet service in apartments for SASH (health care apps)
* Individual resident internet service for education, eMail, and consumer applications.
* Ubiquitous wireless throughout each building for iPad access (healthcare), and “casual” resident and guest service.

Applications for SASH and Property Management Staff
* H.323 videoconferencing (512Kb symmetrical) 
* VoIP for office lines
* VPN routing
* Property Management Database; (Boston Post)
* “Active” web applications (GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype Video, BaseCamp)
* EMR system (DocSite) requires continuous solid web connection)
* Streaming Video,  (Vimeo, YouTube)
* The usual web surfing,  eMail
* Cloud-based storage (DropBox,  Amazon S3)

* Vital sign sensor data (relatively low bandwidth)
* SmartGrid
* HVAC sensors and management
* Video monitoring / surveillance

Applications for Residents
* Web surfing, eMail
* Social Media: FaceBook, Twitter
* Skype,  Skype Video, FaceTime
* Video apps: YouTube, iTunes, Vimeo, Hulu
* Real-time networked gaming applications
* Tablet apps,  iPad, Kindle, etc.
* Tele-work applications 
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