Getting Nervous: Health Information Exchanges

Interesting discussion , “Risks” loom for health exchange technology about the software development for the Colorado Health Information Exchange by a group from the University of Colorado called Health Policy Solutions.

Colorado’s health exchange is supposed to debut in just six months, but having the technology ready by Oct. 1 may be an impossible task.
Critical problems threaten the system, ranging from a lack of coordination with the state’s technology office and historic problems with state IT systems to poor oversight by exchange managers and contractors and the potential for serious conflicts of interest among those charged with creating the complex multi-million dollar exchange system.

My question is why does it seem like everyone is doing their own thing? And if you read the article at the link above, and a companion article Tech Troubles Could Hobble Health Exchange it looks like the best-case scenario is that by the implementation deadline of October 1, Colorado will be running a version 1.0 system that has been cobbled together from multiple private vendors, with little oversight from the state’s IT staff.

In Vermont, we could be facing some of the same problems. One of the biggest it seems to me is the need for the HIE to serve as the translation hub for dozens of separate Electronic Medical Record systems.

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