Why Obamacare? Biological Realism

“Naturally enough, we humans like to think of ourselves as if we were immortal. A conservative who opposes universal health care might argue that people should only have to pay for health care when they want it, since it’s a consumer choice. It’s as if we were talking about aliens with the super-power to choose when to get sick, and how much it will cost when that happens. 

Similarly, the Pirate Party/Linux/openness crowd suggest that instead of making money from recordings, musicians should play live gigs. This is a topic I addressed in my previous book, but to summarize: This strategy only works reliably for those who always be healthy and childless. In fact it works best if the person’s parents are still healthy and generous. 

Any society that is composed of real biological people has to succeed at providing a balance to the frustrations of biological reality. There must be economic dignity, defined here as knowing you won’t fall off a cliff into abject poverty if you get sick, become a parent grow old. “

Jaron Lanier — Who owns the future? 

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