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FileMaker Pro at the Alabama Eye Bank

I’ve been an advocate of FileMaker Pro as a rapid-application software development system. FileMaker allows a developer or savvy end-user to get database applications up and running in a relatively short amount of time. Much of my development involves automating

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GroveStreams: Basic Data Upload

Click the image to see it in all its glory. Having used the sample GroveStreams Arduino code to simulate a temperature sensor, my next step has been to verify how data can be sent to the GroveStreams chart generator for

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GroveStreams + Arduino = Cloud Display for Sensor Data

A relatively new web service called GroveStreams allows you to upload sensor data (or any other data) to the web for display and analysis. The have a sample tutorial for the Arduino which simulates a periodic temperature reading. This displays

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Fund Long-Term Care via Life Insurance

Interesting article over at The New Old Age blog on the NY Times site which describes a process of cashing out of an existing life-insurance policy to fund long-term care. This process seems to be a bit like a reverse

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microMedic Contest – We have a winner!

Well, I got a sixth place win in the Parallax microMedic contest with the Heartduino, an Arduino-based heart-rate monitor which displays the HR on a video screen. Below are the pages announcing the microMedic winners for which I submitted my

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Champlain Mini-Maker Faire: Photos

The Champlain Mini-Maker Faire took place this past weekend at A glance at the full program shows that there was something for almost everybody. Click on the photo to see it full-size. More about the sky yurt here. Apart

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Why Obamacare? Biological Realism

“Naturally enough, we humans like to think of ourselves as if we were immortal. A conservative who opposes universal health care might argue that people should only have to pay for health care when they want it, since it’s a

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