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FileMaker Pro at the Alabama Eye Bank

I’ve been an advocate of FileMaker Pro as a rapid-application software development system. FileMaker allows a developer or savvy end-user to get database applications up and running in a relatively short amount of time. Much of my development involves automating

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Fund Long-Term Care via Life Insurance

Interesting article over at The New Old Age blog on the NY Times site which describes a process of cashing out of an existing life-insurance policy to fund long-term care. This process seems to be a bit like a reverse

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Why Obamacare? Biological Realism

“Naturally enough, we humans like to think of ourselves as if we were immortal. A conservative who opposes universal health care might argue that people should only have to pay for health care when they want it, since it’s a

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Pew Survey on Patients’ Attitude Toward Health & Technology

Interesting stuff. Here’s the data regarding people with chronic conditions…. People living with chronic conditions: In order to segment this group, we asked a series of questions to determine if a respondent is living with any of the following health

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Primary Care: The Milk in the Back of the Store

As Leeba Lessin (CareMore President) stated ”Primary care has become a specialty referring mechanism, not care driven.” Said differently, our flawed reimbursement model has effectively turned primary care physicians (PCP) into “milk in the back of the store” — i.e., a

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Getting Nervous: Health Information Exchanges

Interesting discussion , “Risks” loom for health exchange technology about the software development for the Colorado Health Information Exchange by a group from the University of Colorado called Health Policy Solutions. Colorado’s health exchange is supposed to debut in just six

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Dept. of Uphill Battles – The Hospital Charge Master

NPR’s Planet Money Team have a segment about Steven Brill who wrote the recent March 4, 2013 Time Magazine article about the lack of transparency in hospital billing. “Obamacare will increase the risk for insurance companies, and therefore will increase

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