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Fund Long-Term Care via Life Insurance

Interesting article over at The New Old Age blog on the NY Times site which describes a process of cashing out of an existing life-insurance policy to fund long-term care. This process seems to be a bit like a reverse

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Pew Survey on Patients’ Attitude Toward Health & Technology

Interesting stuff. Here’s the data regarding people with chronic conditions…. People living with chronic conditions: In order to segment this group, we asked a series of questions to determine if a respondent is living with any of the following health

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Using Skype for Tele-Psychiatry

The LA Times, this morning has an article about using Skype for tele-psychiatry sessions, something that has been debated  for a long time.  Excerpt: Dr. Nilesh Shah, director of telemedicine for the VA San Diego, is blunt about his assessment

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