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GroveStreams: Basic Data Upload

Click the image to see it in all its glory. Having used the sample GroveStreams Arduino code to simulate a temperature sensor, my next step has been to verify how data can be sent to the GroveStreams chart generator for

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TVOut: Make your Arduino talk to your TV.

I’ve been trying out the (frankly, brilliant) TVOut library by Miles Metzler which allows your Arduino to talk to a TV using either NTSC (North America) or PAL (Europe) composite video. The hardware setup takes only two resistors, three jumper wires

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The Technology Enabled Home: Applications and Bandwidth

I found myself building list of the applications that we would expect to be running in our rural senior housing sites, for both residents (The Technology Enabled Home) and the housing and health-care staff that are onsite. This should give

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Parallax / Polar Heart Rate Sensor

Parallax has added a Polar heart-rate sensor with chest strap to its line of sensors, as well as a receiver. Both are around $30.00 each. Found in the super wonderful Nuts and Volts magazine.

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